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E-Titles or C-Titles: Computerization of Transfer Certificate of Titles - Land Registration Adminstration Project


In 2016, the Land Registration Administration (LRA) instituted the computerization of all titles (Original Certificate of Titles, Transfer Certificate of Titles and Condominium Certificate of Titles) as their project in developing a more safer, secure and better written documents than the previous Original Certificate of Title and Transfer Certificate of Title with red markings which were typed with the use of a typewriter.

For real estate investors this is a must know before engaging in the process of buying a property is to conduct due diligence. A person can conduct due diligence in their part but the work involve in investigating such real estate properties requires attention to detail by a season real estate brokers such as C. F. Baluyut Realty which has handled land transfer and investigation over the past 10 years.


What's the difference of the Red Title and the Blue Title?

The differences between the two titles have added security features and can be accessed by the owners from any Registered of Deeds in the country as long as it is transferred into the new blue title (E-titles). Blue titles have similar watermarks from our bank notes coming from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas than the previous title which have limited features and access on the assigned Register of Deeds where the property is located or at central office of the  Land Registration Authority in Diliman, Quezon City. 

Blue titles have more clearer technical descriptions written on the transfer or condominium certificate of title. It is detailed and can be read immediately to plot the metes and bounds by a competent and professional licensed geodetic engineer or even some real estate professional who are knowledgeable on reading and plotting the shape of the property.   

Security features of the title include a bar and QR codes on pages, biometric face scan of the owners who have converted their old titles to blue titles and many more.


Although, we have seen some negative comments and disdain feedback from the social media I was viewing a couple of months ago. I believe the Computerization method of Original Certificate of Titles, Transfer Certificate of Titles and Condominium Certificate of Titles have further improved the Land Registration Authorities services with this innovation in data management. Giving the owners security, less hassles in getting another copies, and no headaches in reconstitution if it the title was lost due to accidents, disasters and other unexpected events like misfiling of records and even fraud. It is indeed hassle- free and worry-free experience on your hard earned investments particularly one's real estate properties including your home. Need help in availing this services? Contact us here.

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