Monday, April 26, 2021

Inside Real Estate: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Xevera Communities in Pampanga

It has been a year since the distribution of the transfer certificate of titles of the unit owners who have completed their payments previously and are currently residing in the two Xevera subdivisions in Bacolor and Mabalacat City and the Sameera Subdivision in Angeles City. In the past decade, Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation under the leadership of their then president and CEO, Delfin Lee. Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings, Inc. (GA) was the one of the leading real estate development firms in Pampanga and other parts of the country.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Inside Real Estate: Condo or House Pasalo Phenomenon

 Have Condo or House Pasalo ring a bell to your ears?

It has been a recent phenomenon for investors in the past year since we went to a standstill a year ago, those initial investor who wish to immediately divest their real estate properties particularly residential condominiums, townhouses and homes in National Capital Region (Metro Manila) and elsewhere in the Philippines. In this topic, we will focus more on residential condominium which played a significant number of cases for assume balance.  A condo unit's assumption of balance (known as Condo Pasalo) from banks or other financial institutions where unit owners are currently struggling to keep up their payments of this supposed income producing investments as they became white elephants when the pandemic hit the country. The real estate sector almost near rock bottom where the residential condominium segments were the hardest hit at - 15% drop with residential leasing for condo significantly drop because of many factors  but there were definite increase in sales on residential properties outside of NCR and the townhouses in the city.  

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Christ has Risen Again | Easter Message 2021


It has been a year since the lockdown, and still the surge of the COVID 19 or SARS-COV 2 or more known simply as the Coronavirus has affected the entire world with economy stopping and the public health emergency had risen the alarm after international cases were detected outside of mainland China were reported. As of this writing there were nearly