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Monday, March 15, 2021

Avida Land Corp's first development in Angeles City now available!

With the previous success of Ayala Land in Pampanga with its developments in Angeles from Marquee Residences, Marquee Place and other developments in San Fernando - Avida Residences San Fernando and in Porac, Pampanga - Alviera Estates comes Aldea Grove Estates, the first Avida Land Corp (an Ayala Land Co.) development in Angeles City was officially launched in October 2019. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Case Study of Socialized Housing Properties: Can You Sell Your Property Or Not?

Recently, we have see the trends of people selling their old homes located in NHA housing projects provided by the national government through National Housing Authority for free and have decided to "sell off their rights" on the said properties because the original owners have died out and have given their rights to their heirs. However, heirs of the deceased sometimes would care less to stay on those old neighborhoods they grew up and have relocated or decide to move out and live in exclusive subdivisions or other residential estates due to their economic migration and the change of their lifestyles or have permanently moved out of the country particularly people who have garnered success in their fields or careers.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Ready For Occupancy: Pre-owned House & Lot in Calibutbut, Bacolor, Pampanga (RS-010-2020)


In the quest for your new home? What are best things you will want?

 This is a foreclosed house and lot and has been sitting idle for the past year. Although unfinished on the exterior area (front gate and fence) the other sides are fully fenced and the second floor is maintained with glazed tiles which makes the second floor attractive view of the nearby neighborhoods. The neighborhood where the house is located is fully safe and secure  with 24/7 security services. Other amenities on where this house sits is walking distance from nearby parks, playground and the neighborhood basketball court. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Technical Descriptions of TCT: How this is important and vital on your Real Estate Transaction

"Surveying is an art of determining the position of points on or near the earth's surface by the elements in space, namely, distance, direction and elevation. It is also a science and art of determining the area and configuration of portions of the surface and representing them on maps."

In every Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), the property's technical descriptions helps the geodetic engineer / land surveyor, real estate appraiser or even the eal estate broker in determining the correct metes and bounds of the property. It will give the reader a guide or clue on the right area or dimension of the subject property in question. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

INSIDE REAL ESTATE: On Buying Your First Home

"Have you dreamed of acquiring your very own home? Have you imagined, seating on your porch, sipping your morning coffee and reading your newspaper. Seeing your neighbors in the street mowing their lawns or cleaning the front yard? Or just getting ready for morning rush of going to work."

 Buying your first real estate residential property requires tedious and multiprocessing tasks of properly planning and making wise but crucial decisions. Buying a house doesn’t involve you as a breadwinner but involves your wife as a co-maker and a borrower and the whole family as beneficiary in securing your very own home and in the right neighborhood where you can live and flourish. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Gentrification: When Old Neighborhood is Redeveloped Into A New Neighborhood

Photo by Marfil Graganza Aquino from Pexels

With the influx of migrant workers from mainland China working with locally based Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGOs) companies located in Metro Manila and elsewhere in the major cities of the Philippines. A number of locals are being displaced and being uprooted out of their from their homes and old community where they have grown or lived over the years to accommodate new developments in place with old neighborhoods being torn down and redeveloped into new posh neighborhoods complete with business / commercial establishments and others catering only to those that can afford the luxury and lifestyle of the modern high society.

What is Gentrification?

Gentrification is a process of changing the character of a neighborhood through the influx of more affluent residents and businesses. This is a common and controversial topic nowadays with is happening around communities in Metro Manila. Politics, lack of urban planning and graft & corruption in recent times stirred problems in the NCR. In the world alone, housing rents have risen tremendously at three folds. An example of this is Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the city of London in United Kingdom with prices skyrocketing because of the tourism and international investors coming from the Far East. Local residents of London or Amsterdam are moving out of these cities and living a few kilometers away from suburban areas close to the capital or another city with lesser cost of living but accessible to their work / employment and businesses.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Dabbling into Real Estate: An Introduction to the Basics of Real Estate Investing For Beginners

It has been more than 10 years now since I have attended the TRP seminar by Dr. Larry Gamboa. In my reflection as a real estate professional it has been a worthwhile experience to gain the knowledge of doing this method. It does have risks involve and bigger gains to have upon selling the property.  

Monday, March 16, 2020

Find the Right Financing Scheme For Your Real Estate Property

I have recently edited this post which I originally posted in May 2010. The advice still stood the test of time after a decade of publishing this from Pampanga Real Estate Trends and Guide (now defunct). 

After making a wise decision in finding the right home for you and your family takes worthwhile of amount of time and effort. It require careful research on the key elements mentioned previously in this blog. One is LOCATION, Second is SECURITY and the lastly NEIGHBORHOOD.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Why Invest in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga?

In celebration of its 19th years as a city with its founding anniversary as a town on 16th August 1754.

The City of San Fernando, Pampanga is the 99th city recognized by the Republic of the Philippines under Republic Act 8990 on the 4th of February 2001 under the bill filed by Second District Representative and former City Mayor Oscar Rodriguez and the campaign of former Mayor Dr. Jesus Reynaldo Aquino in 1997. It is one of the component city of the province of Pampanga where the gubernatorial seat and the national government agencies and services of Region III are located.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Aftermath: Disaster at Taal Volcano

It's been nine days since we got out of the volcanic eruption happening then in Cavite and Batangas area. We were attending a strategic planning workshop for 2020 with REBAP National Chapter when the inevitable incident happened.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Inside Real Estate: Residential Condominiums Are Here To Stay?

For the few decades, the Metro Manila landscapes is littered with pocket developments of high rise buildings located mostly in the commercial business districts areas of Makati, Quezon City, Bonifacio Global City (Taguig) and Alabang. With some developments nearby MRT / LRT train stations or closer to universities / colleges dotting the Taft Avenue and EDSA.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Launching Mediterrenean-inspired community at LA PRIMAVERA Estates II, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Recently, we visited the LA PRIMAVERA Subdivision, one of the latest addition to the St. Catherine Realty and Development Corp. jewels of property development in the agro-industrial city of San Fernando, Pampanga. With the success of the first launch of La Primavera I comes the new residential development with launching of this new 67 hectare property at La Primavera II is quite distinct with its Zen-inspired setting caught in the spectacle of the bustling urban lifescapes in this ever changing life in Pampanga. The first Zen-inspired gated community in Pampanga.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Getting Your Hands on Foreclosed Real Estate Properties: An Investment Strategy

Recently, a lot people have been asking about foreclosed properties from residential and commercial properties to various vehicles to industrial machinery and others that these bank would like to disposed of and at the same time lessen the inventories of their non-performing assets (NPAs) or ROPA (Real and Other Property Assets jargon used by banks) into profit and lesser headaches for these custodians and the third party seller or brokers. There are tremendous inventories of these non-performing assets in major banks that surely the asset managers would want to make it go away in a jiffy.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Understanding the Rent Control Law of 2009

For would be landlords or those who are interested in buying a property as investment such as residential apartments or residential condominiums to be used for the purpose of renting or leasing it to would be renter / lessee. 

In general, the Philippine housing rentals are covered by the Rent Control Act of 2009, a law intended to protect millions of Filipinos renting houses. The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) is the government agency in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Rent Control Act, also known as Republic Act 9653 or “An Act Establishing Reforms in the Regulation of Rent of Certain Residential Units, Providing the Mechanisms Therefore and For Other Purposes.”

R.A. 9653 was approved in 2009 and its provisions have been recently extended by HUDCC for a period of three years, from January 1, 2018, until December 31, 2020.

The subject property is covered by the salient features of this law wherein houses for rent are covered because of its residential and commercial purpose.

Monday, September 30, 2019

POGOs: Why are they here in the Philippines (Part 2)?

Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

Gambling As A Social Problem?

Although, gambling industry is a legal in the country and regulated by PAGCOR. In reality, gambling is highly addictive vice with money earned from easy /fast transaction. It can cripple one's finances if losses are incurred from such a devastating vice that could  also destroy personal relationships with family and friends.

Filipinos are not affected by these online gambling industry of these POGOs because it stated on the rules and regulation on the operation of offshore gaming that they are not allowed to play and have no access on these online vices. Most of these POGOs are owned by mainland Chinese with Filipino citizen partners under a formation of gaming and entertainment corporations through existing legal laws of the Phillippines through corporation which comprised of 60% owned by Filipinos and 40% owned by foreigners.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Why You Should Avail Tax Amnesty Now For Your Real Estate Properties!

People think that paying estate tax is a burdensome process but to relieve yourself from stress one should pay the right amount just to comply tax law's of the land.  The prior to the implementation of Republic Act 11213 (Tax Amnesty Act of 2019), payment of estate tax is at a rate of up to 60% and is very steep for many ordinary Filipinos.

By definition,  Estate Tax is a tax on the right of the deceased person to transmit his/her estate to his/her lawful heirs and beneficiaries at the time of death and on certain transfers, which are made by law as equivalent to testamentary disposition. It is not a tax on property. It is a tax imposed on the privilege of transmitting property upon the death of the owner.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Pre-Owned Property: Agricultural Lot For Sale in San Simon, Pampanga

So you want to try yourself in being a green thumb? We recently added listing from located at San Simon, Pampanga which is very ideal location for  agriculture with existing communities around the area:

Location: San Pablo Libutad, San Simon, Pampanga
Lot Area: 6,600 square meters
Classification: Agricultural Lot
The property is ideal for agricultural or agro-industrial purposes with on-going construction of warehousing in nearby area.
Price: P 1,500 per square meter

Monday, July 1, 2019

SOLD: Four Door Apartment in Brgy. Dau, Mabalacat City, Pampanga

We recently added this in our property listing in our resale properties which would love to share to our prospective clients and investors who would like to own an income generating property with a potential growth area housing for those working in Clark Freeport Zone which is a few minutes away from Bayanihan Park Terminal and SM City Clark. Just a few minutes away from Mabalacat City Transport Terminal (Dau Bus Terminal), S & R Shopping Center and other busineses in this high growth area of Mabalacat City.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Inside Real Estate: Property Rights Vs. Titled property in the Philippines

Photo Credits

A week ago, I was with one of my friend who chanced upon an acquaintance of ours who introduced herself as a called “real estate agent per se”. We were in this one of social event of an unnamed organization and she hitched a ride with us on our way home after the activity. While driving to our destination we talked to her about what she was doing for a living and mentioned that she is owns a upholstery shop and on the sides as works as a “real estate agent per se” thereby mentioning about real estate to us (me and my friend) were both curious about the property she mentioned so we decided to have an ocular inspection of the subject property with her. 

On our visit, it seems the neighborhood is quiet but questionable. It seems to be a in a bad neighborhood with questionable characters of people propping out their heads on their windows when we passed by, roads are not concreted an no sewerage or canal to disburse rain water during monsoon season. Just a few meters away, there was a wide river with newly constructed rip-rap on the shoreline of the river plus a soon-to-be constructed connector road encompassing the two major highways. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Impact of Republic Act 9649 or RESA Law in Real Estate Industry

REBAP Greenhills Chapter is the host chapter of this event

Recently we were invited on the 1st National General Membership Meeting at Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines in Le Pavillion, Pasay City last 9th of April 2009. We were honored and privileged to have Professional Regulation Board of Real Estate Services (PRBRES) Chairperson Dr. Pilar Torres-Banaag in person on the updates on the practice of Republic Act 9646 or Real Estate Service Act of 2009 also known as RESA. 

Dr. Banaag stance was to educate people on the this law which is already 10 years in effect with the effectivity of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) back in 10th of July 2010 (see link) on our first organizational event for 2019.

This is a warning to all practitioner who are not licensed or not even accredited as real estate salesperson here in the Philippines. At this time there were are number of people already filed with cases with PRC Legal offices and a task force anti-colorum initiated by the stakeholder real estate organizations and individuals have also spearheaded this momentous task of cleaning and policing the profession.