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Friday, October 30, 2020

Case Study of Socialized Housing Properties: Can You Sell Your Property Or Not?

Recently, we have see the trends of people selling their old homes located in NHA housing projects provided by the national government through National Housing Authority for free and have decided to "sell off their rights" on the said properties because the original owners have died out and have given their rights to their heirs. However, heirs of the deceased sometimes would care less to stay on those old neighborhoods they grew up and have relocated or decide to move out and live in exclusive subdivisions or other residential estates due to their economic migration and the change of their lifestyles or have permanently moved out of the country particularly people who have garnered success in their fields or careers.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Why You Need Estate Planning Now!

Estate Planning is part of life planning. This is the period when you create a strategy ahead of time on one's possible demise leaving behind a legacy that could has bear fruit and will be picked up by the loved ones (heirs) of the estate.

What is an Estate?

An estate may composed of land (lot with improvements such as buildings, homes, farm, etc), personal belongings (e.g.s.  jewelries, fine arts, cars or antiques) or possessions with financial or monetary value such as money deposited on bank,s stocks from listed companies or shares from non-listed companies or corporations the decedent owns when they were still alive.