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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Impact of Earthquakes and Natural Calamities in the Real Estate Industry (Part 2)


In review of the Philippine geographic settings, our country sits in the middle of the typhoon alley where these storms coming from the Pacific Ocean hit first areas like the Philippines all year round specifically during the monsoon (rainy season) times. The two very devastating storms that affected us were Ondoy which severely affected Metro Manila and parts of Northern Luzon putting a halt into everyday lives of the residents of the affected areas. Other than that Typhoon Yolanda which is considered the worst at that time devastated a lot from infrastructure, agriculture, livelihood and lives of the townsfolk of the Visayas region.   

Based on the reports of UN, the Philippines is highly prone to natural disasters from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to its location in the Pacific Belt Ring of Fire zone where we are affected like countries that sit on this like for example Japan, Western Coast of United States (including Hawaii), Canada, Eastern Russia, Mexico, Peru, Chile and other countries that are located within the Pacific Ring of Fire.